A Little Taste of Madagascar July 5, 2017

A Little Taste of Madagascar

By: Logan Hardy

Last week was Madagascar’s national day and I decided to visit their performance.

Nelly, another Student Ambassador, and I started out the day by heading to the national day stage and anxiously waited for the people of Madagascar to present their country to us. The magical event started with a few well-dressed Kazakh EXPO personnel introducing the people of Madagascar and initiating the flag raising ceremonies, accompanied by the national anthems of Kazakhstan and Madagascar.

We were then pleased to witness a wonderful musical performance by a local group from Madagascar. The music was very unique. They had what looked like an African version of a guitar, accordion, shakers, and a keyboard.

After the performance, we took a stroll to the Africa Pavilion where the Madagascar section was found. There, we found some unique items and various facts about the country. We also stopped by the little bazaar that was set up and found some authentic souvenirs.

Through this experience, we got a little taste of what it is like in Madagascar.

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