A photographer’s notes on Astana August 19, 2017

Looking exactly how they planned it to be, Astana

A photographer’s notes on Astana

By Ellen Yang

In a photogenic universe, the search for that one, brilliant capture never ceases. Such is the universe of the Expo – saturated to the brim with geometric symmetry, vivid color palettes, and blissful nights and days of bizarre, once-in- a-lifetime events. In other words, a habitat ripe with all the ingredients one might ever need to take incredible pictures. However, when all is good, how can one create the great?

Let’s find the moments of vulnerability in this picture-perfect city of Astana, we’ll make it human with our eyes.

Let’s imagine the beauty behind two turned backs, in a draped countenance, and in the picturesque overweight.

Let’s find the seduction of plastic, the anxiety behind pink.

Let’s find that which makes us wonder, or laugh.

Romanian girls, Этноаул, Astana



Closed face in an open yurt, Этноаул, Astana


Lady in a swimsuit, Borovoe


Mannequin, Latvian Pavilion, Astana World Expo 2017



Hands at a wedding, Astana


Wonder, Korean Pavilion, Astana World Expo 2017


Cow and poop, Aktau

I’ve come to see that being in a photographer’s paradise doesn’t mean one will find a nurturing environment for one’s own artistic development. The aesthetic does not always translate into feeling.

Thanks to Astana, now I know.

Yours truly,

Ellen Y.


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