Meet the USAP Team – Anthony DeAngelo April 12, 2017

Every week, we will feature one member of our executive leadership to share a little bit about themselves. This week, USAP’s Director of Communications, Anthony DeAngelo. 

Where are you from?

I was born in Miami, Florida, but have lived in Washington, DC for most of the last 15 years. During that 15 years, I’ve briefly lived in Illinois, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada for work.

What’s your background?

My background is like a lot of people in Washington, DC. I was interested in politics from an early age, and went to college at American University where I found a real passion for communications and storytelling.

My first job was working at a communications and polling firm, and I briefly worked as a television producer before getting back into politics. I was lucky enough to work on Capitol Hill for three different members of Congress.

Working on Capitol Hill was one of the most exciting periods of my life. I enjoyed going to work every day for the people of our district and fighting for their interests.

I worked for three years at a major national advocacy organization where I coordinated more than 50 different organization’s communications teams. In addition to my role with the USA Pavilion, I also serve as media relations manager for APCO Worldwide in Washington, DC.

Why are you excited about Expo 2017 in Astana?

Expo 2017 could not come at a more important time. The world is increasingly fragmented, and we need an opportunity to remember that our similarities will always outnumber our differences; Expo is that opportunity.

Astana is also the perfect place for Expo in 2017. Kazakhstan in many ways is the center of the world. The coming together of east and west and of old and new, Astana represents hope for the future; a hope we look forward to seeing in the faces of the millions that come through our pavilion.

Those faces are what I’m most excited about. To meet the people that come from around the world to visit, and to share in the common experience that is the world Expo!