Men on Stilts July 16, 2017

Men on Stilts
By: Ruslan Lucero

July 15th was the National Day celebration of the Czech Republic, and I attended with two fellow Student Ambassadors; Kelly and Priya. The amount of pride that the Czech people performing in the event had for their country was evident, as they were full of energy and seemed extremely excited to be representing the Czech Republic in such an exemplary way.

The opening ceremony consisted of a Czech band, dancers, and outgoing men on stilts who excitedly waved the Czech flag. Though all the performers were rather young, they performed old folklore songs and dances with ease and respect. Such a performance allowed us to gain insight into what the traditional Czech culture is like, and compare it to our knowledge of other cultures– whether such knowledge come from the invaluable experiences we have had here at the Expo, or from our time abroad in other countries. Most importantly, Steve the Eagle befriended a couple of the dancers!

The President of the Czech Senate, Mr. Miloš Zeman, discussed the importance of renewable energy in his opening remarks. From wind farms to the power of cultural exchanges, Mr. Zeman proudly stated that roughly 2,000 students from Kazakhstan are currently studying in the Czech Republic. As we are discovering every day, the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds at a young age has a widening impact on one’s point of view and future perception of the world. We are glad Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic are forming such vital bonds!

Not only did the National Day of the Czech Republic allow us to learn about the country, and its culture, but it even sparked even more interest in making travel plans there one day.

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