USA Pavilion Reaches Over 400k Visitors as Expo 2017 Reaches Half-Way Mark July 25, 2017

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USA Pavilion Reaches Over 400k Visitors as Expo 2017 Reaches Half-Way Mark

Visitors from around the world are experiencing the USA Pavilion in person and online

ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN – As Expo 2017 hits the half-way mark, over 400,000 people from around the world have either visited the USA Pavilion in Astana in person, or experienced it through the Pavilion’s social media channels, according to USA Pavilion President and CEO, Dr. Joshua Walker.

“Every day at Expo is an opportunity for people across Kazakhstan and around the world to experience the source of America’s infinite energy: it’s people,” said Dr. Walker. “We have been thrilled by the number of people who have engaged with our Student Ambassadors and team in-person, social media and through our television coverage. We look forward to having many more come through our doors and experience our Pavilion online in the coming weeks.”

The USA Pavilion experience is made up of three parts: a pre-show, main-show and post-show.  Visitors meet the USA Pavilion’s Student Ambassadors and are immersed in presentations and exhibits showcasing the energy and optimism of the American people and the latest American technologies.

“The looks on the faces of people, from little kids to high-level officials, that come through our Pavilion is a constant reminder of the importance of World Expo’s and the power to bring people together,” said Christian Lachel, Executive Creative Director and Vice President at BRC Imagination Arts, and the Creative Lead for the USA Pavilion. “We have created an experience built to capture the imagination and the hearts of everyone who walks through our space. We’re excited to see more people engaged with our story and message as the Expo continues.”

The USA Pavilion has also hosted important policy and cultural events at Expo 2017. From roundtable discussions about the importance of doing business in Kazakhstan with the U.S.-Kazakhstan Business Association, a partner of the USA Pavilion, to internationally recognized artists, the Pavilion has been a hotbed of activity since Expo’s opening.

“Expos are important because they bring people together to build bridges and break down barriers,” said Andrew Snowhite, Executive Director of the USA Pavilion and CEO of the USA Pavilion at the 2012 Expo in Yeosu, South Korea. “Since day one, the team dedicated itself to building a Pavilion that was on time, on budget and on target. It’s been great to see all of these things accomplished and how the people we are touching every day walk away from our Pavilion with a smile and a better understanding of America.”

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