USA Pavilion Releases a ‘First Look’ at Visitor Experience May 26, 2017

Here’s a sneak peak at what visitors will see when they step into the USA Pavilion:

Theatre 1: A Room Full of Energy
Visitors are greeted by a question at the heart of the Pavilion Experience: “What is the Source of Infinite Energy?” As they enter, they are surrounded by images of the United States and greeted by an American Student Ambassador. Following is a film that features America’s spirit of innovation that draws inspiration from the past while highlighting cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. Afterward the guests are invited into the Energy of Life Theatre experience.


Theatre 2: The Energy of Life
Here visitors experience a surprising, delightful and entertaining show that is an emotional expression of the USA Pavilion theme: “The Source of Infinite Energy.” The show is displayed across three massive synchronized screens that are further enhanced by a multi-layered floor to ceiling audio and light spectacle.




Pavilion Post-Show
The Post Show answers the question in Theatre 1: “WE are the Source of Infinite Energy.” Here our sponsors and partners invite visitors to learn how the United States and Kazakhstan continue to expand upon their successful friendship and how we will continue to work to bring positive solutions to the world.