USA Pavilion Releases Official Song for Download August 1, 2017

USA Pavilion Releases Official Song for Download
Song heard throughout the USA Pavilion, ‘WE’, has captured the spirit of Future Energy

ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN – The USA Pavilion has made its official song, ‘WE’, available for download on its website, according to USA Pavilion President and CEO, Dr. Joshua Walker.

“The source of infinite energy is in each and every one of us, and for the hundreds of thousands who have come through our Pavilion, they have seen it in our displays and heard it in our official song,” said Walker. “We want to share that experience with everyone, and that is why we’re so excited to make ‘WE’ available for those who cannot visit our Pavilion in person.”

The ‘WE’ song, which is played during the ‘main-show’ experience of the USA Pavilion, is aimed at capturing the spirit of togetherness and inclusivity that powers America’s future energy and is at the heart of the close bonds of the American and Kazakhstani people.”

“The smiles on the faces of people when they come through our Pavilion and hear the ‘WE’ song are simply incredible,” said Christian Lachel, Executive Creative Director and Vice President at BRC Imagination Arts, and the Creative Lead for the USA Pavilion. “Our Pavilion isn’t just about the technology of tomorrow, it’s about the spirit collaboration and shared ideas that will make that technology come to life. ‘WE’ captures that spirit and has captured the hearts of those who have visited the USA Pavilion; we’re thrilled that so many more will get experience that same feeling.”

“WE” was directed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts, original song, and composition by Nick Pierone.

More information about the ‘WE’ song can be found here.