USAP Goes to Borovoe July 27, 2017

USAP Goes to Borovoe

By Nelly Dimov
On July 20-21, several members of USAP left Astana to visit Borovoe, an area known for its lakes and beautiful nature. For two days, we enjoyed one of Kazakhstan’s natural treasures together. We rented a house overnight, which allowed us to see the beautiful night sky, far removed from the lights of Astana.
Our trip began on the morning of July 20, with our driver picking us up from the main security gate of Expo Village that we’ve affectionately nicknamed Checkpoint Charlie. From there, we made a run to the market for supplies, and we were off to Borovoe. Upon arrival, we unpacked at the house and went to the lake for some much-needed leisure after the drive. On the way back to our little temporary dacha, a few of us stopped at the store and promptly got caught in a sudden and massive rainstorm. However, the American spirit is indomitable. Not to be scared off by a little rain, we went back to the house, built a fire, and began preparations for that evening’s shashlik dinner. That evening, we cooked together, talked, and played games.
The next day, the group went out to enjoy all that Borovoe had to offer. We broke off into groups, and with people going off hiking, swimming, and rowing in the lake. Later, we all visited a sacred rock with a legend claiming that if you walk silently around the rock three times while thinking about a wish, that wish will come true. Nobody knows what anyone else in our group wished for, but it was a special moment: here we were, a group of tired Americans circling a rock together, making wishes in the middle of Kazakhstan. The day had lighthearted moments, as well. One of our comrades tried to befriend a trained falcon; this resulted in a cross falcon and a terrified Student Ambassador.
Later that evening, we left Borovoe for Astana again. Everyone was exhausted but also happy. We had spent two days exploring one of the most breathtaking places in Kazakhstan with new friends. One of the best things about this trip was the variety of people that went. Our company included Student Ambassadors, managers, and even security personnel. During the trip, we were able to connect and get to know each other in ways that we hadn’t before. We made memories together. They will stay with us long after the Expo is over, as infinite as the steppe of Kazakhstan.

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